Municipal Updates: District of Mission
 Municipality: Mission  Date Reviewed: August 17, 2020

Process Changes: 

Facilities and Staff

 Meetings and Public Hearings

  • City Council meetings are still occurring, with some members of council and staff joining in by conference call. 


Development Applications

  • Applications still being accepted, development applications are still moving forward and complete applications are now being accepted online.
  • If you are submitting forms and/or documents to either the Development Services Department (Planning, Inspection Services, and Bylaw Enforcement) or Engineering, please note that in many cases, these may be submitted by email to the appropriate area, as below:

  • If your submission can not be emailed, please place it off in the “Drop Off” bin set up at 7337 Welton Street. Please ensure that your submission is clearly labeled with the following information: Your Name, Your Contact Information, Staff Contact Name or Department Reference (i.e., file number, building permit number, property address, business name, etc.).


 Building Permits and Inspections


  •  All required paperwork (field reports, schedule B/C-B, etc.) are to be emailed to, 24 hours prior to the inspection; alternatively, the original plans can be left on site, or they can be dropped off at our office, in the front vestibule.
  • Plans will be quarantined for 5 days if received in person via the drop off vestibule; then they will be processed as usual.
  • Inspections are still being booked but with some precautionary measures in place. These include: 
  •  Inspectors will be completing all inspections with gloves to protect themselves and others.
  • If you or another individual are on site when the inspector arrives, please remember to practice social distancing and stay 2 meters away from the inspector at all times.
  • No inspections will be done on buildings that are occupied.
  More Details:

COVID-19 Information for residents and businesses of Mission

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